Wednesday, May 6, 2009

it's been a long winter.... but,

I'm back.... I haven't been doing too well just yo-yoing around the same few pounds. the end of January was my 1 year mark and I only weighed in at 9lbs less than when i started. I weighed in las night the first time in 4 weeks because it has been so busy and had gained 4.2 lbs in that time. But luckily classes are over exams are done, I have no more vacation time planned and I'll be starting a new job soon (in addition to still working at Tim Horton's). While Tim Horton's continues to be a struggle with all the donuts and timbits, I have told myself that I am allowd 1 baked good per shift, that way i don't eat everything that i put my hands on and I don't feel restricked either.
I started to excersize again on Sunday. I'm doing one of the excersize routines from one of my WW magazines, and last night I spent atleast 45 minutes on the wii fit. I've had the wii fit for almost a year and while i used it a lot in the beginning it informed my when i got on last night that it's been 228 days since I last used it! wow, what a waste of money!! But I used it last night and will again tonight and I am going to get into a routine... This is going to be MY summer, I'm going to excersize and eat right and I am going to lose! Now there are 4 months, till classes start again, which works out to 17 weigh ins, so I am going to lose 20lbs this summer! thats only a little over 1lb a week and when I try and do well I have done a lot better than that, so I'll shoot for 20! :)
Happy Weigh ins to the rest of you and I hope you've made your summer plans