Thursday, October 9, 2008

wow! long time no blog

Well guys it's been over a month since I last bloged, but I've been checking on the rest of yous, and it seems i'm not the only one who's slowed down with the bloging, in fact seems like some of you have just plain disapeared!! lol, well even if your not here I know you're doing your best!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

week 30!

Wow, week 30!! It's amazing to think that I've been at this for so long, 7 months! I can't believe it, it only seems like a few weeks... Well this week I lost 1lb, and a feel great! This week I also treated my self.... Last Monday I got my eye brows waxed, then on friday i got a pedicure. Today I got a manicure AND a facial, and it was great, I feel totally relaxed... Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and coloured, and then I have a makeup lesson, cause i have no idea what colours look good on me- i was once went to buy eye shodow, and was told that with my colour eyes (brown) that i would look good with blue shadow, so i bought the one she showed me, but I alwas end up having to take it off cause I look like I have a black eye! lol... Anyways, I hope everyone is have a good week...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

drink to lose? (Week 28)

i lost .2 the otherday, which is actually amazing because I had gone drinking with some of my friends the night before. lol!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lost 1.4!!

I am soo happy with myself. I lost 1.4 this week and it feels great to be back on the wagon! I realized that it feels soo much better to eat properly, and I plan to stick with it.

I don't know if i've mentioned it before, but I've been on weight watchers before, from Jan of grade 10 to Jan grade 11. I found my weigh in books the other night, and in all of that time frame the most I ever lost in total was 13ish lbs, and at the end of the year I has actually gained 0.6lb. Now I can say, hey thats okay, I only gained 0.6 lbs in a whole year, or I can say; that sucks !! LOL, but the truth is I was in highschool, and didn't want to eat salads and give up caf food. But i've also learned from that.... I won't lose weight eating the way I do... I need to change my habits, and not just go on a "diet", I need to do something that will last after the pounds are gone something that will keep me healthy as well as happy, and I think that I am doing that this time. :) SO 1.4lbs I am happy to see you and I want to meet a lot more of your friends, be they skinny little .2 friends, or fat 2.8 friends, bring them on, I'm ready!

On a side note: WOOT WOOT for Wendy, lots of little 1.2s can lead to 4.2s!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

I've been bad!

I've been really bad this last, what, 3 weeks!?! I've gained 6lbs and I have't blogged in like forever!! Now I have an excuse, be had a big family reunion with a party weekend, and I ate and drank way too much. We had family down for 2 and a half weks with stuff almost every other night!! But I've pulled myself off of the ground and am hanging on to the wagon by the tips of my fingers, I may be really dusty, but I hope to have pulled my self completely on to the wagon and be laying in the back by this weeks weigh in and hopefully by next week I'll be standing dusting my self off, and moving towards the front of the wagon. Anyways in other news, I got a laptop the other day, and it's amazing!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I lost .2, I won't say anything about it because I think that .2 lost is better than satying the same and much better than gaining!:)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I lost 3.4! yeah I'm going in the right direction again!! This is for two weeks, because last tuesday was Canada day, but I really like core and i'm pretty sure i'm going to stick with it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I gained.....

I gained again this week. It's sucks, but I've finally decided to climb back on the wagon and do something about it.... Starting tomorrow morning i'm going to try Core for the week two weeks, hopefully by my next weigh in (2 weeks because of Canada day) I'll be back on track and ready to do this again...

I bought a wii fit the other day. It's GREAT!!! I've used is serveral times already and I just LOVE it!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


sorry about no new posts lately, my computers is in getting fixed and i'm actually just borrowing my sisters at the moment... I gained this week, but I think it's because I have just started midnight shifts at work and so i ate more and worst than i normally would have on a weekend.... I probably won't be posting again for a week, until my computer is fixed....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

happy dance!

I lost 2.8lbs this week!! yay me! so I know it's not as great as 7, but I did really think i'd stay at that anyways. this FINALLY puts me at 20lbs lost, actually 21.2!! I am sooo happy, after these last few weeks of going to wrong way i thought i would never get here, lol. So I just have to work at the next 9lbs to get to my 10% lost! hope the rest of you do good at your weigh ins!!


I hopped on the scale this morning and i'm doen 7lbs!! now i know that this will change by the time 6pm rolls around and i go to my actual weigh in, but this is looking good! hopefully i'll finally fit my 20lbs!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I gained .4 this week.... oh well i'll do better this week

Saturday, May 24, 2008


So I finally made it to the gym!! yay me! lol... I was only there fo like 35 or 40 minutes, but still thats good for me... I'm hoping to go again tomorrow after work. I'm going to the movies tonight to see Iron Man and will have some popcorn, but i still have lots of points left for today, and most of my flex so it won't be too bad... I also hope to do some wii tonight:)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

wrong foot

so I totally didn't follow through on yeaterday's plan... I sleept in till 10, and then when I went to make my smothie, I was that we're out of yogurt AND pineapple juice, so I'll have to go buy some tonight. I instead had soup for lunch. However, I did track what i've ate so far today, and I'm gonna go on the treadmill tonight while i'm watching TV. and i think I'll also get in some Wii DDR, and Wii sport....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gain :(

I gained a lb this week. I didn't get to 20lb this week but it's okay. Tuesday of last week there was the grass fire just outside of Ferdericton so It took like an extra hour to get home so instead of going grocery shopping, we just had stakes from the freezer, then Wednesday family came down so we went to my grandparents for dinner and again had staek and all the fixings. Saturday was good but sunday we again had a big dinner with the family.

I also haven't tracked in like 2 weeks. Starting tomorrow morning i'm going to start tracking and get back on the wagon, not just hold on and get dragged along, doing good, but getting dirty. I've been getting my water, but i'm gonna up that too, and I know i haven't been getting my oils, or my milk everyday...

I HATE the GHG.... I never get them all:(... I always get all my water, but the others-- nope. I need to start doing what I was a couple weeks ago for breakfast-- have a smoothie, that way i'll get my dairy, oils and fruit first thing in the morning. I also need to remember to take my vitamin.

There was some good today... I went shopping after class today-- I had a coupon for Penningtons that was only good till today. I got a pair of leggings- I like them! LOL and a new skirt, and 2 new tops. I was able to fit into a 1x and even that was a little bit big so I also bought a x which is a little bit small, all in all a good bit of shopping.

For my intersession class I'm taking Crime and Popular film-- it's a great class-- and today we watched "In the name of the Father" and I loved it! I recommend you all rent it.
Have a good week:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weigh In number 16!

I lost 2.8 tonight!! Which is great, BUT if i had of lost 3lbs, .2 more I would be at 20lbs, but thats okay, I'll be there for sure next week! This puts me at 19.8lbs gone! WOW!! This was also my 16th week, which meant I got a charm type thing to put on my 10% key chain-- which I don't have yet, but it's coming:) Neways, hope everyone had a great week!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Head ache

So I woke up today with a killer headache, so I called into work and said I wouldn't be in. I went back to sleep and sleept till almost 1pm! Wow my body must have really needed the day off. lol. And, don't tell anyone, but I hate working, so the day off was great! lol. I gotten most of my water in today and have been on plan so far. Have a great Saturday night all.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

AP points?

So i had class today from 1 to 3:30, then myself and another girl drove over to the mall to do a little shopping. Well that turned into 3 hrs!! We walked around that whole time and tryed on clothes, so i'm thinking that thats like 3hrs of low intensity activity! woot me! LOL

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weigh in

I lost 1lb today!! yeah!! but i had to miss the meeting which sucks, I was working so i had to run over at 6 then go right back...

Friday, May 2, 2008


I work at Tim Hortons and my manager had ordered the whole store new uniforms. when I was in today she went to give me mine. she tried to give me a size 28 pants!! I was like 'thats way too big" and she like 'thats the size you were wearing before you started to lose the weight' and i'm like " no, i was wearing a 24, and now i'm weaing a 20! those 28s will just fall off me!" she said fine and told be she'll return them and get a 20 pants and a smaller top too. I don't know if thats an insult or not? what ever, soon, hopefully, i wont look like a sack of potatoes when i wear my uniform!? LOL

Weigh in

so I weighed in on Tuesday and I lost!! 2.6 thats what i had gained the week before, i'm sooo happy especially cause I lost during exams, and i have been soo stressed!! well hopefull now that I'm done the main school year and only have the one course during may i'll find some time to go to the gym?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So I hate myself

I've know about this paper, that is due TOMORROW for weeks, and i've just put off doing it. So i started it this morning-- not too bad right? WRONG! I had a final exam today so i only got like a page of the paper done before i started studying, now i'm working on the paper, but i've also got another final tomorrow morning, before the paper is due, and i've barely stated studying for that!!! I'm such a procrastinator! I know it, but i'm helpless to it! arrgg!!! well back to the paper and at least staying up this late means i'm drinking more water x

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

weigh in

So I gained 2.6 this week, but that's okay. This last weekend was my birthday and I went out drinking 2 nights and went out to dinner another. I also didn't get like, any water in today, so it should be better next week.

My first blog

Okay, so i decided that I needed a blog, I've been looking at other people's blogs and have noticed that it seems to help them on their weight loss journal, and that's just what I need someone else to be accountable to, even if it's just me and my computer, I'm writing this down, now I need to stay on plan.