Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Doing it Again

This is my third time of trying WW, but this time is it..... At the begining of Jan I weighed 326lbs... I am 22 years old, at the rate I was going I probably wouldn't see my 30th birthday.... I've already lost 8lbs, and this time i'm really trying. I moved into my own apartment in Septemeber, and so i'm the only person buying food, meaning that i'm not tempted by what my family eats. That's not to say that I've thrown out all of my bad eating habits; I'm still working on them... But there is a lot more healthly food in my fridge and cupboards than junk food. Now I need to work on tracking everything that I eat, which is so hard on the weekends when I want to drink and party with my friends. I also need to work on exercising. I am 22 years old, starting my second degree in nursing, and want to live.

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